Car Wash Services in Jaipur

Meta Car Detailing deals in Car Spa and Cleaning in Jaipur offers premium car washing and deep cleaning services for years. Currently we are providing our services in places like Malviya Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Mansarovar, C Scheme, and Tonk Road. However, we are willing to offer our services in other locations as well. With our car wash home service Jaipur you can watch your car get clean personally without walking outside your home.

Our Car wash services in Jaipur includes a wide range of spa and cleaning services such as Car Interior Detailing, Premium Car Wash, Car Exterior Detailing, Clay Bar Treatment, Glass Polishing, Scw Washing, Ecosmark Waterless Wash. Beside this, we also experienced ceramic coating jaipur or car teflon coating for your cars.

We always try our best to deliver more than expected. With our Car dry clean Jaipur services you can restore your car anytime at any place whether at home, office, or other location. We ensure deep clean car wash, fast service guaranteed, and pocket-friendly. Simply, call us at (+91 9887792209) or book an appointment online. Think of car cleaning services in Jaipur Today!

Our Services

Week Wash

Our weekly wash service eliminates the need of washing cars daily or weekly. Call Car Wash Jaipur on weekends or any working week days to get your car clean effectively.

Platinum Wash

In platinum car wash, we feature state-of-the-art cleaning methods to ensure superior level of cleaning for your car.

Rubbing & polish

Our rubbing and polish car service help you to recover uneven car surfaces caused by scratches and adding smoothness to the car paint.

Teflon coating

Teflon coating is basically paint protection coating which is often recommended by many dealerships and car washers. Call us for teflon coating at a low price.

Car body buffing polish By machine

To sustain the beauty and shine of your car, we often recommend you for car body buffing polish by high-quality machine.

Car body polish By hand

In case you dont want us to use machines for cars. We are also experts in car body polish by hand.

Ledar seat polish

Extend the lifespan of your leather car seats with our premium and pocket-friendly leather seat polishing.

Ceramic coating

A ceramic coating is good for your car because it provides light protection as well as a permanent candy-gloss shine.

Fabric sofa dry clean

Fabric sofa spa or fabric sofa cleaning helps you get rid from strains or dirts without splitting a single drop of water.

Leather sofa cleaning

We are professional leather sofa cleaners in Jaipur. Get faster leather sofa cleaning services from us for any kind of leather sofa.

Office chair cleaning

Yes, we provide office chair cleaning services in Jaipur and also give warranty on our works.

Carpet dry clean

Book Carpet Cleaning Services Online at Meta Car Detailing. Get Professional Carpet Dry Cleaning Services for Office and Residential Carpets.

Pillow dry cleaning

We offer on-demand dry cleaning services in Jaipur like pillow dry clean, bed sheet dry clean and more.

Dining chair cleaning

Not many people realize the importance of dining chair cleaning from professionals. Experience our unique dining chair cleaning services in Jaipur.

Deep cleaning & Exterior detailing

Advance Interior exterior cleaning & teflon coating

Always deliver more then expected.

We don’t just offer great car cleaning and washing services in Jaipur for our customers but we try to deliver more than expectations. We love doing our jobs at Meta Car Detailing and are committed to providing excellent services to our customers with no price tag perceptions. Think of us as your family!


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Sofa & Carpet Dry Cleaning Services

Sofa and carpet cleaning in jaipur | Sofa dry cleaning home service jaipur

Fabric Sofa Dry Cleaning

We know how important your sofa is to you and if a small stick of dirt sits on the sofa, it can ruin its look and beauty. Therefore, professional cleaning of fabric sofas is a must. We provide fabric fresh sofa Dry Cleaning Services in Jaipur at discount prices..

Leather Sofa Cleaning & Polish

Leather sofas are durable and strong. But a single scratch or strain can ruin its lifespan completely. Therefore, professional cleaning of leather sofas is a must. We provide leather sofa dry cleaning services in Jaipur at unbelievable prices..

Leather Office Chair Cleaning & Polish

We are not limited to services to residence. You can call us at your office for spa and cleaning services. We offer high-quality leather office chair cleaning and polishing at pocket-friendly rates..

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpets are the most stunning home decor equipment that readily asthesise your surface to offer comfortable walking. Get your carpet clean by professional carpet cleaners as we use dry cleaning methodology for carpets..

Pillow dry cleaning

We are full-service, retail professional cleaners in Jaipur offer high-quality and precision pillow dry cleaning services at a reasonable price..

Why Choose Us

A glimpse of why you should take a service from Meta Car Detailing.

Environment Friendly Cleaning

Having your vehicle washed via experts can in reality prevent more water than washing it yourself. When compared to your water intake, expert car wash cleaners use less water, as a consequence saving water for the environment.

Attention To Detailing

Our car wash crew member gives attention to each and every cleaning object which might need to be cleaned at primary. We ensure complete car wash cleaning with our interior and exterior car wash solutions.

Call Anytime, Anywhere

Call us in the morning or evening, even on the holidays or in the time of emergency. We will always be available for car wash service in Jaipur. And, this is our commitment

Quality Services

Professional Services

Vehicle Inspection

Our expert vehicle inspection lets us know the in-depth virtues of cleaning and enables us to offer you absolutely amazing car wash service.

Expert Mechanics

Our professionals are also expert mechanics which gives you a quick opportunity to look-into the technical problems of your vehicles and its solutions.

Quality Services

We are well-known for our quality services instead of words magics. Our comprehensive services are remarkable in terms of cleaning quality and customer satisfaction.

Car Wash Home Service in Jaipur

No one likes to drive a dirty car while riding outside or going onto an adventure. While you pack your bags and tune to your favorite music, driving a clean and fresh-looking car makes it more interesting. But, you don’t have time to do that job.
!!NO WORRY!! Meta Car Detailing brings you a comfortable solution for this. Get car wash home service in Jaipur at an affordable price and with amazing benefits. Our doorstep car wash service helps you save time and money as you don’t need to go to any third-party car wash providers daily, weekly or monthly.
Car wash home service Jaipur main goal is to wash your car at your home while you can enjoy your coffee and music at peace. As we offer you complete car wash solution, here’s what extra you can get from us:

1. We offer multiple services at a great value
2. Book an appointment online under 1 minute
3. Biodegradable and eco-friendly products
4. Car wash pick and drop in Jaipur
5. Pay for your wash electronically and securely
6. Trained and skilled car wash crew professionals

Interested in Jaipur Car Wash, Call Us Today at +91 9887792209 or book an appointment online.